.NET Full Stack Developer

This bootcamp provides complete learning materials and exercises to help you in becoming a .NET Full Stack Developer. Coaching sessions will be delivered by Fuady Rosma Hidayat.

Main steps

Learning stages

Course program

What will you learn

Learn basic tools such as .NET CLI, Visual Studio, and Git. Learn to use Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Azure Portal
Learn C# and .NET fundamentals. Learn basic and advanced algorithm. Master Object Oriented Programming.
Learn data structure, Relational Database Management System, and Language INtegrated Queries.
Learn web design using HTML and CSS. Learn server side programming with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Razor Pages.
Learn how to use various cloud resources, such as Azure App Service, Azure SQL database, Azure Storage, and Azure Application Insights.
Understand Clean Architecture and learn how to implement it. Learn how to integrate external services and infrastructure components into our code.
Learn how to build Back-End with ASP.NET Web API. Learn how to build Front-End with Blazor.
Individual Project and Team Project.

4 months – 8 lessons

Intensive program consisting 3-day instructor-lead class and 2-day self-learning assignment in a week for 16 weeks.

Tuition fee

Zeta Shcolarship

All learning cost for .NET Full Stack Developer Bootcamp will be covered by Zeta Scholarship.

Complete these steps below for applying Zeta Scholarship:

  1. Create an account in Microsoft Learn
  2. Finish Learning Path Take your first steps with C#
  3. Finish Learning Path Add logic to your applications with C#
  4. Finish Learning Path Work with data in C#
  5. Create Profile in Microsoft Learn
  6. Upload your CV to your preferred cloud storage
  7. Submit Zeta Scholarship Application Form by clicking the button below